A WORLD OF SERVICES … Providing Total Facilities Management control 

Complete solutions… for clarity and efficiency 
SSiFM Total Facilities Management gives your business everything it needs to run efficiently from one point of contact. Gone are the days when long fixed term contracts were put in place with facilities management companies which often led to inconsistent service levels. SSiFM shakes up the world of Total Facilities Management offering the UK’s only flexible pay-as-you-go support provider, all from one unique team of professionals. 
Our Business Directory, detailing the very best trades people, service providers and specialists in the area, allows you to tap into a world of services with the highest quality support for your business. The benefits to you are endless and include; 
Complete control over your facilities management activities 
The ability to choose the best companies for the job every time 
One-stop philosophy ensures we coordinate all activities 
Proactive and reactive services for short-term and long-term planning 
Pay-as-you-go support allowing for flexible budgeting 
A roof with no limits 
SSiFM Total Facilities Management provides the widest range of services all conveniently managed under one roof. 
is the framework to our bespoke service solution and delivers across all industries, sectors and geographical areas. 
Our Property and Estate Management Team can assist with all aspects of lease management, acquisition, agency management and tenant management. We also have specialist surveyors and can provide full support for dilapidations, plus the sale or a renewal of a property. 
We are a tried and tested thoroughbred in the world of Total Facilities Management. In an industry full of chaos, we aim to deliver support that provides clarity… clarity on who to use, when to use them and all at a cost you can afford. Our Total Facilities Management solutions encompass Hard Services such as plumbers, carpenters and heating specialists, plus Soft Services like cleaning and pest control. 
Our Consultancy packages which include commercial management, change management and quantity surveyors to name just a few services, can inject a knowledge and experience into your business for future planning and growth. The ability to unlock a resource of highly experienced professionals gives your business the competitive edge. 
Are you ready to start a new journey into the world of facilities management?... Call us today on 0330 055 2060, alternatively contact for a full business review. 
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